Karen Skrainy,
Owner, Director of Operations

Karen moved to Chicago in mid 1990's and is proud to call Chicago home after a youth on the move as an Air Force brat.

Karen's first employment in Chicago was with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as a Medical Transcriptionist. While the medical field was her professional endeavor, she spent her free time exploring her passion with food.

In 2006, Karen was given the opportunity to manage the operations of Milk and Honey Granola (MHG) and buy in as minority partner. The job was initially part-time, but as the company expanded and secured more retailers she left Northwestern, after 13 years, to work full-time with MHG.

Karen was instrumental in introducing Milk and Honey Granola to Whole Foods Midwest. By nurturing her relationship with store buyers, regional buyers and their distributors she has championed MHG's move from distribution primarily in the Midwest to national distribution in various retailers throughout the U.S.

Today Karen is the Director of Operations at Milk and Honey Granola and oversees our purchasing and production teams.

Carol Watson,
Owner, CEO, Chief Creative Officer


carolAn Omaha native, Carol first moved to Chicago in 1986. Her first job here in the city she now calls home was waiting tables. In 1989 she began working for the Mia Francesca group as a manager at the original Clark street location and eventually became managing partner of their second restaurant La Sorella di Francesca in Naperville, IL.

She cashed in her Partnership in 1999 to pursue her love of food and attended Tante Marie culinary school in San Francisco. Upon completion she moved back to the Midwest and opened her own venue, the Lone Radish, in Lakeside, MI, a seasonal café open during the peak summer tourist season.

Having honed her culinary skills at Lone Radish, Carol returned to Chicago to open Milk and Honey Café on Division Street. As she worked to refine the Café's menu (that served breakfast and lunch), she found herself unsatisfied with bulk granolas available for purchase. She experimented until she landed on her own recipe for the Original Café Mix.

Milk and Honey Café's doors opened in 2002 and almost immediately patrons of the Café requested to purchase the granola to take home for their personal consumption. This was the beginning of the Milk and Honey Granola Company; a one SKU company that sold bags of granola only at her Café.

Since then Carol's granola has taken on a life of it's own with an expanded product line which includes 7 granola flavors, a toasted oatmeal and distribution to gourmet and specialty food retailers throughout the U.S.